CCK08- Searching cognitive comfort?

I would give this title to my post: searching cognitive comfort.
I also experimented ,last week, a sensation of discomfort. Too much tools, too much readings, very short time, too old for all this?
So I thought "Take it easy".
In the only one reading I chose, this one- Learning Theory or Pastime of the Self-Amused?- there was a sentence I liked very much:
"The intent of sense making is to increase the cognitive comfort of an individual by reducing confusion and chaos."
Learning is making sense, for me.
But -I think- if connectivism is a learning theory, is it able to reduce confusion and caos of overwhelming information? and how?
I'm a baby boomer... an Italian baby boomer. My mental models grew when all this world (internet, web 2.0, social software, and so on)did'nt exist. Now I live, study, teach with these tools, but I use structures and categories I learnt when I was a teenager.These are- for me- the tools that reduce the caos, these increase my cognitive confort. On this theoretical basis I build every day a new Knowledge.
The new generation, the millennials, have a totally different experience. They are in the chaos... they have been in the chaos every day of their life.
Can Connectivism help them to create an order from the chaos?
I have no answers, only questions...


Shelley ha detto…
This is a very interesting post... at what point do the patterns of our meaning-making become set so as to be limited.

Someone told me once that most people stop actively seeking out new music at a certain age. They've found their comfort, and new input can seem like noise. Yet there are SOME folks who continue to expand their list of "favorite bands" and even enjoy new musical styles well into their lives.

What distinguishes the first group from the second?

Thank you for this thought-provoking post.

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